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Виготовлення коробок для піци 32х32х40 для клієнта з Нідерландів

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We would like to buy the pizza boxes that our customers need. Our monthly purchasing capacity is 50.000 for now (this number will increase over time.). We want it to be in the quality we send as picture. It can be in the form of printing in the picture we send to you, other options are 1 color or 2 color printing. We will bring you samples in our face-to-face meeting. Box dimensions 320x320x40mm. We are waiting for your price offer for 50.000 pieces.Thank you for your mail. We wanted a pizza box for the Netherlands. Our offer is still open if you consider it as an opportunity to grow your business.
Nihat Dogan my e-mail: n.d06@hotmail.com
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  • 11.08.2020 в 14:49
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